Here you will find a general print guide explaining the quality and uniqueness of these fine art photographs. We are currently offering wholesale rates direct from the artist. If you would like to purchase a print Click here to see all the available images in the gallery or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

All BARE USA photos are printed on high-quality LightJet print on Ilford B/W Paper and protected by a matte lamination.  Prints have a 1-inch border.  Each print is signed and numbered in the border with a certificate of authenticity. They come in the following sizes and editions.

8 x 12  | Limited Edition of 50

12 x 18 | Limited Edition of 25

24 x 36 | Limited Edition of 15

36 x 56 | Limited Edition of 5

About LightJet print on Ilford B/W Paper: Simply put, BARE USA utilizes the most modern processes available, mixing digital images with traditional black and white photo development creating images that art true to the original artistic vision and quality that is unmatched by any other black and white printing solution.

The panchromatic black and white paper from Ilford is highly sensitive and enriched with optical brighteners. Brilliant whites and rich black tones ensure these prints are nothing short of jaw-dropping. The tonality of the image remains true to the original with high optical density and strong contrasts.

The Ilford B/W paper was designed for the combination of modern laser exposure and traditional silver halide development utilizing the renowned LightJet exposure system by Océ, which brings out the finest details with clarity. During the subsequent development, the polyethylene image base is given an extra long rinse to enhance its durability. The silver in the material prevents the image from fading even after it is displayed for a long time. A Matte lamination is added to further protect the image from light, stains, and scratches while also reducing glare so you can enjoy the image with distraction. All of this ensures your BARE USA print meets the highest standards of quality so that you can enjoy your piece for a lifetime and beyond.

Limited Edition: Each size of each print comes in a limited edition.  That means once the limit for print in that size is reached, no more will ever exist ever, so get them while you can.

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