BARE USA is looking for individuals to represent me in the sales of my fine art photography collection.

BARE USA is a nationwide photography project that delves into studies of natural beauty in contrast with manmade decay. This contrast is achieved by photographing nude models in abandoned locations across the United States.

So far I have completed shoots in 30 states and have built a large fine art photography collection as a result. The collection will grow stronger as I complete the remaining 20 states. When complete I will create a book of the entire collection, will have many fine art gallery openings, and potentially travel the country to sell my work at art shows.
The project is costly and consumes all of my time. I just don’t have time to focus on selling the work. This is where you could come in. I need a representative that can sell my work, submit works to galleries and photo contests, and seek artist grants and sponsorships.

To start this would be a commission based position. The amount of time you dedicate to it is up to you. The work will sell if I have the right person selling it and the earning potential is high. A sales rep would get various levels of commission for any income generated.
For example a 10% commission on a $1,500 sale for securing a sponsorship through our “Sponsor a State” offerings. There are 49 sponsorship opportunities left. 25% commission for any direct sale of a fine art print. Currently my most expensive print sells for $500.

Qualified candidates should be unique, adventurous and motivated individuals. They should be interested in art and discussing it. A special interest in photography is a plus.
Please note this is a new venture, but has a lot of potential for earnings and new experiences. If you think this is something you might be interested in doing, send me an email telling me why you are interested in it and why you would be good at it. Make sure to include some relevant experiences.

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